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In times of change it helps to have a Guide. Whether you are defining new processes, evaluating solutions, or expanding internal adoption, the options and choices available are more varied than ever. We at Digital Cues have combined our service and sales expertise with a network of world-class partners to develop solutions that will help you navigate the course with clarity, confidence and speed.
Plan How do you effectively balance the need to act with planning and strategy? Our flexible Agile strategy and mapping processes built by our team of experts and delivered using iterative sprints helps ensure that you have a plan with the adaptability that today’s environments demand.
Decide– Our team has over 40 years of experience from “the other side of the table” as solution vendors, giving us a unique perspective and approach to the solution selection process . Our approach focusses on managing risk, optimizing costs and benefits and accelerating the process by focusing on key actions.
Adopt–All of the careful planning and selection will be for nothing if your user community is not engaged. Our modernist, analytical approach that combines change, internal marketing, training and adoption measurement ensures that value is accurately and consistently measured.
Leading talent and learning initiatives is the core of our business. Our approaches are built from the ground up and have been based on experience and engagements, input from customers and the knowledge and know-how of our expert team. Using the very latest Agile methods and technology solutions our services provide help where and when you need it most.
Agile Cloud – The Digital Cues team was responsible for the move to a fully Agile-based services approach at one of the world’s leading learning software vendors. At Digital Cues, we have continued to refine that approach in order to provide the most focused, efficient and high-quality approach to deploying cloud learning that is available today.
Integration- After years of work and refinement, integration can still be a pain! We believe that it does not have to be. Our team of technical experts, in combination with our partnerships with leading integration platforms, mean you can quickly enable integrations while reducing costs.Analytics – Whether it is optimizing reporting from your current system, looking to aggregate data from multiple sources or understanding how xAPI may help you, our Analytics services are designed to help you get the data and information you need.
Content – Content really is king. That’s why we offer the services you need to get the right content to the right people at the right time. Our partnerships allow you to easily procure, integrate, develop and redevelop content to support your learners’ needs.

Learning management is a continuously evolving process with requirements and needs that do not end with an initial launch. Our services model recognizes this with a continuous engagement and modular services model that lets you continually extend the breadth of your solution in line with your longer term roadmap.
Expand – Utilize our services to expand the breadth and depth of your learning and people management solutions. Our structured offerings have allowed our clients to enable External Learning, For-Profit training, and Micro Learning. By combining our integration and analytics services we are able to deliver a complete solution rapidly and efficiently.

Everyone needs a hand at times to support the ongoing operating, updating and fine-tuning of their talent management and learning systems. Whether you wish to have external management of day-to-day tasks so you can focus on strategic activities, or expertise on-call to help with “how to“ questions, Digital Cues is here to help.
Learning Administration – Our Learning Administration Services manage the day-to-day tasks necessary for the management and operation of your learning solutions. From managing courses and classes to reporting results and findings, our Customer Administration team provides high quality services that allow you to focus on strategy rather than operational tasks.
Consulting OnDemand –Expertise on-call whenever you need it. Our Consulting OnDemand service is designed for the high-priority tasks where you may need help and guidance. Delivered virtually on an as-needed basis, it is the perfect solution to support your system administration teams.